A Week In The Life Of Lucy

This is usually where my mornings start, especially when the weather is great.

I can’t just get straight to work right away. So my normal routine is usually coffee and Instagram….and then a bit of Pinterest…and maybe back to a bit of Instagram! Don’t judge me, you know you do it too!

So a bit about my week.

This week has mostly consisted of computer-based work rather than drawing, which at times can feel a little frustrating because I’m always happiest when I have a pencil in my hand. Although it’s not necessarily true,  I feel like I have nothing to show at the end of the week unlike when working on a drawing. That being said, being a freelance artist isn’t about sitting and drawing all day and I know that and I do enjoy some of the other aspects that come with the role.

At the start of the week, I did get some creative work done. I worked on one of my ‘Art Beneath Our Feet’ pieces which I finally managed to finish.

img_2014It was quite a tricky piece as there are a lot of small intricate tiles and as I had been in and out of Berlin a lot this summer, the piece always got put on pause. If you don’t know about my ‘Art Beneath Our Feet’ project, take a look at my Instagram account @artbeneathourfeet to find out more. I’m currently working on a piece for my website, to explain more about this project to you folk.

As well as work, I also managed some play. We have been enjoying a hot, late summer in Berlin and on Tuesday I enjoyed the warm afternoon with friends at the famous Turkish market on Maybachufer. This market is very popular and usually, it’s so busy you can barely move. However this day it was very quiet due to a festival, so we could leisurely walk past all the stands of amazing food, jewellery, and fabrics. It’s always a fun experience bartering with the stall holders and getting some bargains at the end of the day when they want to get rid of produce.

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