Floor Finding Success

This week was an EXCELLENT week of floor finding in Berlin, which you probably saw if following my Instagram account artbeneathourfeet, however, I know not all of you do so I wanted to share them with you here too.

I’m always on the look out for fancy floors, but somehow I stumbled upon a dozen (well, almost) of beautiful floors I’d not seen before, in an area of Berlin that I often walk around. How did that happen?

It started on Saturday as I got off the bus at Mehringdamm, I found this floor teasing me as it poked out beneath the large front door.


As I went to take a picture I looked through the glass panes of the door to see that it expanded across the whole hallway! HEAVEN…but I couldn’t get to it!  This is frequently the case in Berlin, many stunning tiled floors are hidden away behind the closed doors of apartment buildings and more often than not the doors have glass windows where, if like me you are a floor addict, you can look through longingly at the beautiful but unobtainable floor! Such a tease!

The next floor I came across was this one…

I have walked past it before and perhaps even taken a photo of it before. I’ve seen a lot of floors in Berlin, especially at door entrances, that have the word SALVE tiled into them. I always wondered why and what it meant and I’ve since been informed that it means ‘Greetings’ or ‘Welcome’ in Latin. Makes sense!

After meeting a friend for breakfast, the reason for my trip to Mehringdamm, I walked to get my Bus which wasn’t leaving for 5 minutes. It was super cold so I walked up and down the street a little to keep warm, and in doing so found this magnificent floor, again in the doorway to a building.


Right next to this building was another tiled floor, not quite as stunning as the first but still worthy of a picture.


It was a weekend that kept bringing me back to this part of town, and in doing so I found another handful of interesting floors as you can see here.
The one on the left was found in a doorway in Katzbachstrasse, and on the right, found in an open doorway where I could see a cafe’s kitchen getting ready for the day.

Found in a doorway on Katzbachstrasse 








This one was found on a quiet street up a few steps to the entrance of an apartment block that was being refurbished.

I have to say I lost track of where these two floors were found other than it was in the same area as the others. At this point, I had found so many floors!

bergamnnkiez-cant-remem-where-2016 bergmann-kiez-cant-remember-exactly








And lastly, this was in another part of town called Kurfurstendamm, or otherwise known as Ku’damm, one of the famous shopping streets in Berlin.


Next week I will be in La Palma, Canary Islands, where I will be on the hunt for new floors.
Stay tuned!

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