My Week 23.10.16 – 30.10.16

I didn’t get off to a very productive start to the week after spending almost the whole of Monday procrastibaking (procrastination + baking) even though it meant I had yummy things to eat, it wasn’t great for my work. Anyway, I decided to write the day off and remember that sometimes we need a day of unproductiveness (or 2)  to whip us into shape for the days ahead.

On Tuesday I concentrated on finishing a little drawing of some Viennese statues, which took more time than initially planned…and after tipping a glass of water over my nearly finished piece, ARGH! Luckily it was thick water colour paper and just bled the colour green into the legs of the statues. I decided it wasn’t completely ruined and to go with it. Here is the finished result.

img_2509        img_2514

I’m not completely happy with the drawings of the statues. I was working on a  textured watercolour paper so it was hard to get such small details in with the pencil. However, I really like the background! There’s always positives and negatives!

From Wednesday onwards I worked on an ‘Art Beneath Our Feet’ piece taken by Ana Monsalve Shoes in Elda, Spain which is apparently on of the biggest shoe industry cities.


I created this piece with a mixture of acrylic, watercolour pencil, colour pencil and chalk pencils. The skin of the feet was particularly challenging, as in the photo the shadows on the skin looked quite abstract and when I copied it exactly, it looked strange. So I had to use my artistic licence to lighten it a little. I think it’s a lovely and warm piece…exactly what you think of when you think of Spain.

It’s been an incredible grey week in Berlin, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know this as I moaned about it enough. Still, there were a couple of bright moments where I got out of the house and enjoyed the Berlin Autumn. It’s actually my favourite season in Berlin…when the sun shines!


This photo was taken at the lake, Schlachtensee, which I’m very lucky to only live a couple of stops away by train.


Enjoying some autumn leaves, and a photo of the TV tower surrounded by rare BLUE sky whilst wandering around Berlin Mitte today. Hoping for some sunnier days heading into next week!

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